1983 All Over Again….Prayers For My Daughter

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A pink radio circa 1983 was blaring, while a white t-shirted girl lay on her bed.  Her feet rocked out to the rhythms.  She happily hummed along with the songs, and enjoyed the moment she had.  All by herself.  Not a care in the world.  

That was me.  Begging my mom for bubble gum and wishing away the time until I could be a “big girl,” drive and have my own family.  Now I’m there and wondering where the time went! 

That was what I found my daughter doing this morning.  I felt like I was watching myself from afar.  It hit me as I peeked from the doorway, taking it all in.  My baby is growing up.  My heart beat harder in my chest, I smiled and choked back tears.  I so badly wanted to take a picture.  Afraid to ruin the moment, I stood and soaked it all in. 

Soon she’ll be 13 doing this.  Oh how fast 10 years will go by!  

In the meantime….

As she runs into her closet and changes her clothes for the 3rd time I will pray that God gives her the wisdom to choose clothes that protect her and honor God.  
The moments she puts lipgloss on, may she find her significance from God and not be looking for affirmation from others.  
When she starts to notice boys and understands why she can’t “marry daddy” may she give her heart to only the one God has planned for her. 
When she wishes away the time I pray she’ll learn to take in the moments and celebrate her firsts.
I could go on and on.  Instead of writing more, I’m going to go spend time with her.  After all, she is watching my every move and how I spend my time.  I think we’ll go find my Tiffany and Belinda Carlisle cassettes to give her with my radio.  

What “moment” did you have this week in your life?  

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  1. Love this…

  2. Have you ever watched Napoleon Dynamite. I watch and cringe and laugh, because it is our childhood-the boots, the bangs, the caboodles, the giddyo (?) blasters.=) Horror of horrors.

  3. oh man… why do they have to grow up so FAST? 😉

  4. oh tiffany? loved her! debbie gibson? those were the days!! i know it goes fast, heck, i have an almost 12 year old boy!

  5. I love this post. So beautiful. I’m already dreading this moment (of seeing my little one grow up) and he or she isn’t even born yet!

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