God Speaks ~ Even In A Tube

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My MRI was last week.  I drove myself (which is a big deal for a girl who gets woozy at the sight of a needle).  Every year at the anniversary of my brain tumor saga I get to go visit the hospital for a test and see my wonderful brain surgeon.  It’s funny to say, but a bit nerve-wracking to be a part of.

Shaky in small places, I back into the MRI trailer room and fumble to the bed.  Nervous small talk and giggles take over as I slide the eye covering on and lay back.  “What if they find another tumor?”  “What if I’m one of those tragic stories of a Mom leaving her husband and children behind?”

….and then the thoughts were interrupted….

“I think I go to church with you” a kind voice said.

Not willing to take off my eye covering for fear of freaking out, I chatted and laughed and we figured out we attend the same church.  With a bit of comfort in our conversation I was slid into the machine and panic began taking over again.

The questions started up and my breathes were short and quick.  My thoughts went crazy and I started to feel out of control.  In the moment all I could get out was a deep silent cry to God.

 “Give me Your Peace”

My panic subsided and I began to pretend I was in a tanning booth.

Amidst the weird noises and loud banging I barely made out the words of the songs.  Here’s where the really cool part comes….  Every time I’ve had an MRI (which has been probably 7 times in the past 3 years) the song “Never Let Go” has come one.  Tears streaming down my cheeks and my heart beating out of my chest I tried not to smile to mess up the pictures.

God cares.  He’s here.  He even cares about a few minutes in a tube.

The next song this time spoke to me was “Don’t You Know I’ve Always Loved You”

and wrapping up the lovely time in the machine was the song “You Are The Light” by Fee.

Amazing songs bringing peace, encouragement and joy in the midst of daily trials.

This is my prayer that my days here on earth may be a light.

and a Reminder for us all….

God is present in our moments of frustration in the car – those moments after grocery shopping when you have swamp pits and someone criticized your mothering in front of your kids and you’re leaning over the steering wheel trying to hold back tears and catch your breath as the kids scream.  Yes, that moment – ask for God to show Himself and listen.

Those moments when the bills come from the mailbox and your stomach touches the back of your throat and you just want to call your husband and ask how things are going to work out this month – ask for God to show Himself and listen.  

The times when everything seems to go as planned and you’re smiling at life.  Thank God for the moment and listen.

God speaks to us.  Isn’t that amazing!

What ways has The God of The Universe spoken to you this week?  

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  1. Praying for you! Reading this made me think back to my mom always telling me about her MRIs and CT scans. She would always recite scripture to herself. Hugs, friend!

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      I cannot imagine what your mom went through! Hugs right back at you =) Cannot wait until we can have coffee someday together again!

  2. Virginia, I can only imagine the fear of getting another MRI and the worries about getting another tumor. What an incredible gift of having God’s peace fill you in the scariest of moments. Let me know what you hear from the test results, okay?

  3. I am just so blessed to be your friend.. and even more blessed to ride in a car with you for 8 + hours in a few shorts weeks!

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. Today’s been a rough one so far. There are things going on in our family that make me worried and anxious and frustrated and I am thankful for the reminder that God is with me through those moments and that he never ever lets go of me :).

  5. You encourage my heart yet again to seek Jesus and plead for Him to remain close – a request He always honours.

  6. What a sweet reminder of God’s goodness. A song I had in my head when I was in labor with Bryce (almost 5 years ago) has been coming to mind lately. Very simply.. “love the lord your god with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind and all your strength..” Its a sweet reminder when I’m going through a tough day that I got through birthing a child in God’s strength 🙂

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      That is awesome! I love how God puts a song in our heart, just like David in the Psalms =) I think of you every time I drool over a piece of mid-century modern. How’s it going? I have to catch up!

  7. When I feel like I don’t know how to do my job and I make mistakes, He reminds me that He has called me to do it and I have to depend on Him as my strength and not on my own abilities.

    When I hear from people I have been praying for who are taking steps to draw closer to God and live their life in a way that is true to his teachings.

    When I’m in a room with tons of kids who are all there to learn about God and I have the privilege to share
    what I have learned, too and speak God’s truth to them.

    When I talk to my Mom and she says she’s proud of me and she loves me.

    When I read a friend’s blog that makes me cry with joy that she is with us and sharing her heart.
    Thanks for challenging us, V!

  8. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Celebrating with you (long-distance, though). Woo hoo! Such great news!

    And sorry I haven’t called yet. I know I’m missing out on an incredible blessing since I can tell you just rock!


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