Christmas Challenge ~ Trading Ways

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This year’s Christmas Challenge has been a lot of fun.  I have met amazing people through my site and Instagram.  A month ago I put out a call that I wanted to trade some items I have for American Girl clothing or other items.

Within a Day, AdalinesNest responded.  A few messages back and forth and we had traded 4 American Girl Outfits, Bath Salts, a Hand Scrub and a Candle for a leather clutch, and cutting board made by my husband and I.

Adalines Nest is starting an etsy shop soon with her candles and bath salts.

We were both happy with our trades.  My Mom will love the pampering items and daughter the doll outfits!


A few things to think about when trading….

  • Make sure you have something the other person wants.
  • Make sure you are offering something of similar value.
  • Take and send photos.
  • Trade with people you trust.
  • Describe items well so there are no surprises.
  • If shipping is involved know who is expected to pay.  We both shipped medium flat rate boxes so we didn’t have to swap money.
  • I wrote a post on trading earlier in the year here.


 How are you doing this Christmas?  Are you stressing or feeling God’s peace?  Would you ever trade with someone?


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  1. you, my dear, are brilliant. 🙂

    love you.

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Oh, thank you Mandie. Just doing what millions of others have before me! It’s funny how things come back around 😉

  2. I wish I had something to trade! What a great idea! I have done this with other things, like trading some speaking tips for something I needed , but usually it’s a business kind of trade….not a personal one. Will keep my ears open more for these opportunities!

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      What a great idea Rebecca, your expertise! That’s definitely a gift from God. I hope you have a Merry Christmas friend! I still want to chat….after the holidays?

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