New Year, Big Changes

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I have been silent due to a lot of things going on in my heart and life.  I apologize for not letting you know in a short note, but not for the time I took.

I try to be transparent on here because I believe that’s what I am to be.  My husband has been supportive and encouraging in my writing ventures.  I often asked him if subjects were ok to share with all of you and he always responded with a yes.  This time around I asked him if I could share and he asked me not to, yet.  Since I honor and respect my husband’s opinion on what I share on here, I agreed to not write on certain things yet.  Well, life consists of this and it has been hard for me to sit down and share with you my heart without spilling.  Please do not worry, I promise. (Insert a smiley face here.)

When it is time, I will share.  In the meantime I want to attempt to be able to separate out some things and get back to writing.

One big change I have made this fall is going gluten free and mostly processed sugar free.  As many of you know I have had health issues in the past and through prayer and research I believed this may help my headaches.  I had nothing to lose (except a bit of sanity as I have to turn down my favorite pizza place).

Following this new way of eating has had a huge impact on my energy level as well as my migraines.  In the future, I’d like to share with you a few of the resources I have found to be helpful.  I’d like to also share with you a bit about what I’ve been reading in my personal times.

I have also gone back to work.  I am teaching Spanish and am loving it.  Yes, it’s a big change and difficult to leave my children, but we are blessed to have been able to spend so much time together and this is what God is calling me to.  It is a huge blessing and I love it!

So, I sign off this snowy evening, snuggling with my kiddos and enjoying the moments God gives all of us.

I am very active on instagram, facebook and twitter with the handles at @geekyandsassy.  

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  1. Alice Miller says:

    Nice to “see” you again.
    V, I have been gluten and sugar free since October. I still eat fruits and some stevia – but for the most part, there is no sugar or artificial sweetener in my life. I did it in response to chronic pain , which the Dr. wanted to call fibromyalgia. I chose NOT to have fibromyalgia and agreed to totally adjust my diet according to the Dr’s orders.

    I am seeing Dr Chang at Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. My first appointment was October 8 and my last was January 7. I have no more symptoms of fibromyalgia and my energy level is so much higher!

    I am so glad to know that you are doing so well. I pray for you often and ask the Lord to continue His healing!
    Love you!

    • Virginia Davidson says:

      Wow! So funny that we’re making the same life change, but for different reasons. So glad you’re in our lives Alice! Love you too!

  2. I am new to your blog. But I totally understand & was encouraged by your newest post. I often love to write, to get my feelings out in the open. I was so encouraged by your respect you showed your husband with his wishes, even though it was difficult for you. As my wedding approaches I sometimes find it difficult to remember to talk about things with my future hubby. Thanks!

  3. Oh how I love you!

  4. Excited for your life changes! I’m sure it’s rewarding to be back in the classroom!

  5. I know exactly what you mean, I’m going through something similar and blogging less in the current moment. Praying for you and all of your exciting changes! Love you girl!!

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