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Yesterday I shared the fact that this is my 5th Anniversary this year!  
Yesterday I promised to share a bit of the decor that day….
So, here we go.  1st you have to meet my amazingly talented sister-in-law Lauren who was an independent floral designer.  She did an amazing job with our low budget.  
We had our reception in a local theatre and connected to it is an art gallery.  Thankfully at the time there were some amazing pieces of art up.  They said we could take them down, but we loved the idea of unique art on the walls!   Now we did have a particular budget but did have the money to have soups and amazing appetizers catered from a local business.  It was phenomenal!  One thing I’m glad we didn’t give on.  I didn’t want my family to be cooking and washing dishes for hours on our big day.  
Back to the decor.  Lauren covered glass vases with satin and ribbons (I think she hot glued them on or maybe double sided tape?) and added 3 types of white flowers – each vase had a different flower.  
These have coffee beans from our local coffee bean roaster – you know no one is going to use the beans for anything after sitting with candles, so we asked for their droppings from underneath the where people fill their bags.  They gave them to us for free!
Again, simple and elegant.  Everything was done in threes.  
I think that there were only 3 different designs for the tables.  
Here she took circular pillar vases, glued satin ribbon around them and left items inside.  
The wedding cake we didn’t have room for in our budget so she baked a few boxes of store bought cake and dipped some pine cones in chocolate.  There are sprinkles on the pine cones if you look close enough.  

The dessert table was full of items made from family members.  My Grandma baked her famous soup can quick breads and chocolate cookies.  
We did some chocolate covered pretzels and other treats.  Yum! 
The food was labeled with a pinecone and scrapbook paper.
Don’t you think she did an amazing job!?  
What are some things you had in your wedding?  (Or hope to have someday?)  
Anything that you for sure would not budge on?  
Photo Credits to Larissa Christine Photography & Lauren
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